We do many things at the Fremont MakerSpace … too many to list here. Below you will find a brief description of our major areas of action and creation. Imagine all the different branches that could shoot off from these areas and you will get an idea of what goes down in our lab.

Graphic Design, Vectors, and Visions

​Dot to dots are now alive and glowing. Vector nodes are the fancy name for the dots that ultimately make up the graphics and animations that entertain and inform us every day. Whether you are making a sign, sticker, or 3d printed part – you will likely start with a single point.​

Art, Crafts, Woodworking, Sewing

The lost arts are coming back stronger then ever. Now art is alive with technology and the super charged sharing of ideas and creations. Making is on fire now. We would like you to come in and cook up something great, We have everything you need with our Wood & Machining Shop and our sewing and craft stations. There is always something sprouting at the Fremont, CA MakerSpace.

3D Printers & Laser Cutters

Forget what you know about manufacturing. The future is upon us is with the affordable introduction of 3d Printers, Laser Cutters,  and Shopbots. Forget about the cheap products (landfill) you’ve been buying. It’s time to innovate superior products with creative designs and built to last. Every item you make saves someone from the exploitation where most of our products are currently made. Learn Computer Aided Design (CAD)!

Programming, Drones, Electronics, Arduino

Drones don’t just fly in the sky, they can perform a light show, take a video, take a sensor reading, deliver a payload, and much more. Use LED’s, Arduino, and Intel Edison with Linux baked in for programing for a myriad of specialized uses. Learn HTML, C++, Robotics and more!

Learn to solder and how to connect circuits that do tricks.

Music & Video Production

Music and movie production are no longer the domain of big business and smooth talking agents. Anyone can produce professional audio and video projects with the tools once reserved for million dollar studios. Come â€‹ take advantage of our sound room, microphones, mixers,  instruments, and sensational staff.

Science, Solar, Magnets, Balloons …

We regularly introduce the latest and greatest tech treasures and tools. The knowledge of our world is growing exponentially with each passing day. We like to teach new way s to leverage the power of magnets, balloons, solar energy, and improved methods of doing almost anything. We can’t talk about the magic here. 

DIY Future & Green Tech

The core of being a maker is the desire to hack a system … partly for the challenge, but mostly for the sake of curiousity and the pursuit of a better world. It with the 2025 vision that we take on the task of teaching the tools that will mold our future – to all who are willing to learn.

Request a Tour

We would love to how you around. Please call or drop us a message to make an appointment so we can get the red carper out. 800.240.7024